Has your friends, and family members have booked their trip or already arrived in Ethiopia?  Is it their first trip back to Ethiopia? Do you feel overwhelmed or doubt your guiding skills? It’s normal to feel that way.  Anyhow, MaxView Fitness would like to say welcome to your loved ones! We would like to share with you some tips to lift some of the weight from your shoulders.

The first step is finding their expectations. For this, you can just ask or say “I was wondering what are the top things you would like to see or do while here?” Once you get their expectation, it will be good to plan the next steps.

After getting their expectation, you can set up a budget program and find special offers to make their experience more enjoyable.

Did you know this month MaxView Fitness has a special offer for Ethiopians returning home? We prepared a one-month free gift for your loved ones if they decide to purchase a membership gift for you. Or if they decide to work out at the gym for a short-term membership.

With guests, your routine will change — you sleep less, spend more time outside of the house, and dine out frequently. But whatever you do, don’t miss time from the gym. Bring a loved one with you for a day, a month, or more. Make your time with family enjoyable and productive. Include a fitness program and leisure time in our spa area. This will result in unforgettable experiences that will last forever.

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