You work long days at the office. Back and forth dropping and picking the kids from school after school homework. Finally, you get the kids to bed, and you just open the TV and fall asleep on the sofa. By the end of the week, you are physically, emotionally, and mentally drained. The little energy you have left, should be used to do things you want to do like spending time with family, friends, and relaxation, right? If so, that’s fine; But, you will encounter unexpected situations that you cannot avoid. After all, we Ethiopians do not want to offend others. This situation happens every other weekend. But wait, where does exercise fit into your schedule?

Okay, there are some necessary tasks you cannot avoid. But how can you balance your social life and fitness program? We have a few tips that can help you enjoy both worlds.

1. Set aside a few days a week to come to the gym. Don’t be afraid to use your weekends early in the morning while your family is still asleep. Get your workout out of the way and then you have the whole day for your social life.

2.  Try to combine fitness and social life together. Why not join a gym with your favorite people and get fit together? At the same time, you can enjoy fun activities together.

3. Have the courage to say ‘No’. There are many social things to consume our time and energy. So some social events we must learn to say “No”. Turning down some social events allow you to get done the necessary tasks, stay fit and healthy, and keep your sanity… We hope you have lot of experiences about balancing work, social life, and fitness. We would like to hear your experience and expertise in this regard.

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